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No Longer Available, all have been purschased

All of my little people are either nude or very near nude. Please do not go any further if you do not wish to see them. All dolls have been sold.


I also would be happy to take on commissions. I have several very happy customers that come back for new pieces. Just contact me and tell me what you are looking for! 

Beautiful in black stockings * *SOLD**

corset and garter made by Ruthellen - $150 - **SOLD**

So very pretty with her blue eyes and strawberry hair. Gown created by Ruthellen - SOLD


She's perfect for the full scale bed and even those created to take up less space!!!


This dark haired beauty was created to sit on her stool and look back at you! She was made for this box but I will seperate.

                        Doll - sold 

         Room box  -  sold

Two books became one. Plug does not take away from the beautiful look. Open the cover, light the room and enjoy the beauty. When needed, close the cover and it becomes just beautiful books.

I just named this "Waiting" The book is a pair of Miniature books. The beautiful TARA drape was created by Ruthellen as was her beautiful robe! She sits facing the window holding the drape back as she "Waits"

 Doll & Box both sold

Gorgous young man! - $150 - **SOLD**

Sorry Ladies! SOLD


HooHooHoo!! Santa sure would enjoy this little treat!!!


Scones do light, plug is attached very neatly to the back, bottom of the box. Gorgous piece!!!!